The Wild Owl TV garden is an ordinary suburban garden in Yate, which has become a hit on Facebook with the public in South Gloucestershire.

It is home to a host of wildlife species as well as many seasonal visitors and these animals, birds and insects star in regular video diaries on the Wild Owl TV Facebook page and short films that I produce for the Wild Owl TV You Tube channel (see video page) to encourage people to garden for wildlife.

As you can see below, the list of resident and visiting species is incredible and is the result of offering a diverse range of habitats, food and sanctuary in the garden.


Blackbird - daily visitors & nesting in garden every year

Blackcap - daily visitors in winter - occasional rest of year

Black-headed Gull - seen overhead

Blue Tit - daily visitors & nesting in garden every year

Brambling - occasional winter visitors

Bullfinch - regular visitors

Common Buzzard - sometimes sits on woodpecker pole

Carrion Crow - daily visitors

Chaffinch - daily visitors & nesting in garden some years

Chiffchaff - rare visitors in summer

Coal Tit - daily visitors

Collared Dove - daily visitors

Common Gull - seen overhead

Dunnock - daily visitors & nesting in garden every year

Fieldfare - occasional winter visitors

Garden Warbler - occasional summer visitors

Goldcrest - daily visitors

Goldfinch - daily visitors & nesting in garden some years

Great-spotted Woodpecker - daily visitor

Great Tit - daily visitors & nesting in garden some years

Green Woodpecker - occasional visitor

Greenfinch - daily visitors

Grey Heron - occasional visitor when frogs are active

Grey Wagtail - regular visitor to waterfall area

Herring Gull - seen overhead

Hobby - heard overhead

House Martin - seen overhead

House Sparrow - daily visitors & nesting in roof every year

Jackdaw - occasional visitors

Jay - daily visitors

Kingfisher - was a daily visitor to pond until harsh winter of 2011

Long-tailed Tit - daily visitors

Magpie - daily visitors

Mallard Duck - occasional visitor to pond

Peregrine Falcon - regularly seen overhead (nesting in nearby quarry)

Pied Wagtail - occasional visitor

Raven - seen overhead

Red Kite - one sighting very high on thermal overhead

Redpoll - rare visitor

Redwing - rare winter visitor

Robin - daily visitors & nesting in garden every year

Siskin - rare winter visitors

Song Thrush - daily visitor

Sparrowhawk - regularly seen overhead and occasionally in garden

Starling - regular visitor in spring/summer

Swallow - regularly seen overhead in summer

Swift - regularly seen overhead in summer

Tawny Owl - regular visitor to garden in autumn/winter (drawn in by my owl)

Treecreeper - rare visitor

Willow Warbler - occasional visitor

Wood Pigeon - daily visitors and sometimes nesting

Wren - daily visitors and nesting


Common Frog - breed in pond every year and resident

Common Toad - breed in pond every year and resident

Common Newt - breed in pond every year and resident


Slow Worm - introduced and resident


Badger - regular visitor

Brown Rat - occasional visitor

Fox - occasional visitor

Hedgehog - occasional visitor - conflict with badgers!

Grey Squirrel - occasional visitors and then mysteriously go on vacation!

Pippestrelle Bat - feed over garden in summer

Brown Long-eared Bat - feed over garden in summer

Wood Mouse - resident and nesting


Leafcutter Bee - resident in solitary bee nesting habitats

Red Mason Bee - resident in solitary bee nesting habitats

Tree Bumble Bee - resident in bumble bee box

Red-tailed Bumblebee

Garden Bumblebee

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

White-tailed Bumblebee


Brimstone - regular visitor in season

Comma - regular visitor in season

Gatekeeper - regular visitor in season

Large White - regular visitor in season

Marbled White - flew over garden

Orange Tip - regular visitor in season

Painted Lady - regular visitor in season

Peacock - regular visitor in season

Red Admiral - regular visitor in season

Small Tortoiseshell - regular visitor in season

Speckled Wood - regular visitor in season


Hummingbird Hawk Moth - summer visitor

Knot Grass - moth and caterpillar

Brimstone Moth

Emmelina monodactyla Moth

Anania lancealis Moth

Scarlet Tiger Moth

Swallow-tailed Moth

Plume Moth

White Plume Moth

Misc Insects

5 spot Ladybird


Black Ant


Red Ant

Parasitic Fly

Speckled Bush Cricket

Dragonflies & Damselflies

Banded Demoiselle

Black-tailed Damselfly

Common Blue Damselfly

Large Red Damselfly

Common Darter Dragonfly

Southern Hawker Dragonfly

Emperor Dragonfly

Pond Life Asstd

Caddis Fly Larvae

Dragonfly Larvae

Great Diving Beetle


Pond Skater

Three-spined Stickleback

Water Boatman

Water Louse

The Wild Owl TV Garden

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