I was once asked if I could provide an image of an owl on a computer mouse. I explained that it was not likely but could offer a ‘(harvest) mouse on a ‘mouse’

Mouse on a Mouse

This is one of a number of young harvest mice I bred and released on to a wildlife-friendly farm in South Bristol.

Harvest Mouse

This badger cub was hand-reared after being orphaned by floods. On the way to delivering it to Secret World she met my miniature schnauzer Roxy.

Badger & Roxy

I studied voles to get a better understanding of an owls prey - they seldom broke cover but this one is giving me the eye.

Short-tailed Field Vole

A red fox hunts voles on grassland in Dorset - a picture I took as I waited in a hide for harriers.

Red Fox

This squirrel feeder quickly attracted the attention of the local American population!

Grey Squirrel

The yanks are here and not welcome in the case of squirrels...

Grey Squirrel

This tiny captive-bred harvest mouse is about to be released into the wild - always a worrying time.

Harvest Mouse

A line of baby hedgehogs photographed at Hedgehog Rescue in Yate. Never touch a baby hog if you find one - your human scent will make the mother kill it!


Without doubt ne of our cutest mammals and yet in heavy decline.


Hedgehogs can swim but drown when they fal into ponds with no beach or means of escape.


Otter numbers in the UK are now on the increase as water quality in rivers improves.


With their increasing numbers, otters are now coming into conflict with fishing interests - another hen harrier and grouse scenario.


Prey animals have to have extra senses, like ears that can turn to hear from all directions!


A true Scottish wildcat - many have cross-bred with domestic cats and less true blood cats remain in the Caledonian Pine Forests

Scottish Wildcat

A water vole leaves its bankside home to venture for food.

Water Vole

A common mammal in the Wild Owl garden, the wood mouse is an attractive little creature. This one was photographed in an aquarium.

Wood Mouse

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